Draw - New date – 1Picasso100euros

covid-19 force majeure - change of draw date

Following the latest containment measures in Paris against the COVID-19 virus epidemic, our draw, scheduled for 30th March at Christie’s in Paris, is postponed in agreement with the Paris Prefecture of Police.

The draw is currently impossible to achieve. In order to broadcast it live, guarantee transparency, and meet our commitments to all stakeholders, we need to bring together the Court Officer, technicians, CARE teams and representatives of the Picasso Estate and Picasso Administration who have authorised this operation. This cannot be done during this period of strict confinement imposed by the French government.

The draw will take place within 10 days of the reopening of Christie’s in Paris.

We are targeting 21st May at 6pm Paris time, assuming the confinement in Paris is lifted on 11th May as planned.

Our fundraising effort for CARE International continues until the day of the draw. The number of tickets on sale remains unchanged. There are only 200,000 tickets issued.

All raised funds will be used to set up and strengthen  programs for access to clean water and hygiene, focusing on the most vulnerable communities. Now more than ever, access to clean water is essential as our number 1 defence against COVID-19 is washing our hands. The well-being and even survival of entire populations depends on it. CARE teams, accustomed to fighting the worst epidemics, are already mobilised.

Access to clean water is an increasing priority!


And please stay at home.