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One of the world's leading NGOs

A global organisation dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty since 1945

Care in 2018

  • 56 million people directly impacted
  • 95 Countries
  • 965 Projects

The Project

Access to water changes everything!

It is the key to development. Clean water is health and access to water is education. Children should not walk hours every day to fetch water. They should walk to school, and build a future.

  will use funds raised to build and rehabilitate wells, washing facilities and toilets in villages and schools in:

  • Cameroun
  • Madagascar
  • Morocco

200,000 people will be positively impacted. Water is dignity, and water is life.

Our Goals

  • Improve the lives of 200 000 people in Africa
  • Guarantee access to clean drinking water in hundreds of villages and schools in Cameroun, Madagascar and Morocco
  • Worldwide, women and girls spend 200 million hours every day collecting water. Besides the colossal waste of time, they are at risk as they walk alone along remote paths and tracks.
    Girls are also more likely to miss school because of lack of hygiene, especially during their menstruation. By providing clean water, we will increase girls attendance by many thousands.
  • Drastically reduce water-borne illnesses in 150 villages
  • Create thousands of construction and maintenance jobs

Project Span: 5 years

1 audit per year per country

Impact assessment at Y+3 and Y+5

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